Northern Cape Technology Station

The NCTS forms part of the national Technology Station Programme (TSP) initiated by the Department of Science & Technology and managed by the Technology Innovation Agency, whereby the programme offers the following services, namely: Applied Development Engineering & Design, Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing, Consultation, Technology Audit & Feasibility Study, Process or Product Improvement, Testing & Analytical Services and Technology Demonstration & Training. The NCTS's aim is to create a sustainable unit, which can be used to broaden the applied research base of the institution, build research and innovation capacity, and facilitate the transfer of skills and technology to the community, this includes, commerce, industry, agriculture, and rural/urban and informal community settlements. The NCTS's vision is to create an opportunity to bridge the gap between local suppliers and industry to take advantage of the recapitalization and expansion programmes by enhancing the competitiveness of local suppliers through technology improvement.
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