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Innovator of the Month: Feb

Name: Evelyn Maruping

App Name: Ping TV

Representing: Kimberley , Northern Cape

Website: www.pingtvsa.com

Brief:   Position Maruping Media Productions as the leading media house in the Northern Cape to create original Northern Cape content and grow a strong TV & Film industry and media presence both in the province, locally and internationally and to develop skills, tell authentic Northern Cape stories and unearth our exceptional talent within the province for mainstream and deliver stories to the broader province.

In 2019 Maruping Media Productions launched its internet television broadcasting platform Ping TVSA. Ping TVSA addresses a need of emerging content creators within the province who has no outlet for their work in mainstream and extended its offerings to all content creators across South Africa. The platform soon gained the interest of National Department of Communications that lead to an opportunity for Evelyn to train content creators in Limpopo in 4IR. Evelyn designed a short course in 4IR to specifically train audio-visual content creators in the revolution of storytelling and new technology.Users can sign up for free and watch exclusive and engaging local content on Ping TV created by emerging storytellers.

Content creators can create their own channel by uploading their own content for the entire Ping TV network to watch.


The Platforms is now free to use for all content creators. Our targeted group is primarily TV/Film graduates and video creators producing short films, documentaries, chat shows, news show reality and web-series.

1.Browse unlimited video

2.Upload Unlimited content for

3.Earn a Verified badge

4.Patrons Donations

5.Monetize content

6.Collaborate with Advertisers

7.Weekly Consultation

8.Business Model Canvas Consultation & Development

Innovator of the Month: Jan

Name: Tshepang Peme

App Name: Digiticket

Representing: Kuruman, Northern Cape

Website: https://www.digiticket.co.za/

Brief:  This is an application you cannot miss to have in your smartphone as a modern man/lady. The app is a guide to entertainment and tourism for one's leisure and exploring nature through experiences it brings to you. This app is for your event tickets, your accommodation booking, your travel bookings and your food/restaurants bookings. Just imagine that, this can be done under one application, NO NEED TO LEAVE THE HOUSE TO ACCESS THESE - CONVENIENCE.