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SMMEstart – Chat-based business-recovery resource launched on WhatsApp.

About SMMEStart

SMMEstart is a chat-based business recovery service on WhatsApp providing micro, small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs in South Africa with free, actionable information, guidance and resources to restart and grow in the Covid-19 recovery period – and beyond.

The service provides up-to-date, credible content and resources on Finance,
Marketing, Legal, Tax, Business
and Health, the latest News and inspirational stories, Free Business Resources and a Help-desk.

SMMEstart is a live service that will be updated and added to weekly. It is built using technology, the cloud-based application that integrates directly with the WhatsApp Business API to enable organisations to engage efficiently at scale with AI assistance.

SMMEstart has been developed in South Africa by in partnership with Arifu and Jozihub and with funding support from
All SMMEstart content and resources are free but the usual user WhatsApp data charges will apply.

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Mlab – CodeTribe 2021 Applications are still open.

CODETRIBE™ ACADEMY is a full-time work based skills development programme for aspiring mobile application developers. It is a practical, blended learning programme, focusing on Mobile Solutions Development, SCRUM Agile and Cloud technologies which aims to drive South Africa’s digital advantage within the mobile innovation sector and ensuring transformation and inclusion of youth within this important sector.

Apply for Gauteng | Apply for Limpopo or Kimberley

Industry partners are invited to sponsor a participant from only R25,000 for a 6 month full time course (May – October) and can engage with mLab on the benefits of donations and B-BBEE scorecard value. Sponsors will also have recruitment opportunities post training.


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NEMISA Data Science Hackathon 2021

A data-driven approach to policy decisions

Venue:                   Sol Plaatje University, Kimberley, Northern Cape

Dates:                    26-28 February 2021 (Friday to Sunday)

Key outcomes:     

  • Data-informed recommendations for government policies
  • Prototype products or digital solutions that address challenges within Provincial and Local Government departments and other sectors
  • New digital start-ups aligned with Local Government
  • Skills Development (21st century skills training)
  • Peer learning among all stakeholders

Key role-players: NEMISA, Industry, Data science companies, Hackers (Youth), Hackers (Government) and Academia (Universities, TVETs and Private Colleges).

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NEMISA is hosting a National Data Science Innovation Hackathon on 26-28 February 2021, as part of their National Skills Development Plan and Digital Skills Strategy. Data science is the art and science of extracting meaning out of data. The art of data science is where tools are used to extract meaning from data. The art represents the variety of focus, mandate and context and therefore reveals different answers, while the science represents proven methods to predict outcomes.

Government and Youth, in partnership with data science enthusiasts, are invited to innovate new government solutions. The participants will be from Northern Cape Province. Working with data that Government can make available during the hackathon, will assist in customizing and localizing the solutions for these provinces.


NEMISA’s original mandate was to train previously disadvantaged individuals, particularly women, and equip them with basic to advanced digital skills to enable them to play a significant role in the constantly changing technology environment. This mandate has extended to promote and guide the development, training, learning, research, and innovation of digital skills. The institute has a critical role in minimizing the digital divide while preparing government and society to adapt and embrace future technological changes.

As a national catalyst for digital skills training, NEMISA integrates digital skills interventions so that impact is maximized and aligned with national goals. These national goals are outlined in the following documents as well as other related policies and plans:

  • National Development Plan 2030 (NDP)
  • 2016 National Integrated ICT Policy White Paper
  • National Skills Development Plan
  • 2014 SA Connect Broadband Policy
  • White Paper on Post-School Education and Training
  • Digital Skills Strategy
  • National Human Resources Development Strategy

By developing and enhancing digital skills, all South Africans will be able to participate more equitably in a societal environment increasingly dominated by advanced digital technologies. This is even more urgent with the advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR).

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Invitation to Official Launch of NCIF

Dear Stakeholder,  

The Northern Cape Innovation Forum (NCIF) is a regional support platform created to drive the technology and innovation ecosystem within the province. The NCIF members and stakeholders comprise of a combination of business, civil society, academia, provincial and local government players, which are leading our endeavour to stimulate innovation as a primary catalyst in advancing the province’s developments in a modern and changing tech world.

The NCIF is hosted and facilitated by Sol Plaatje University (SPU); and financially supported by the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI) (through the Technology, Localisation Implementation Unit [TLIU] of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research [CSIR]) and Northern Cape’s Department of Economic Development and Tourism (DEDaT).  SPU and associated partners are pleased to announce to your office the official launch of the NCIF. It is therefore our pleasure to cordially invite you to join us. Below are the details:

Date: 26th February 2021

Time: 3pm – 5pm

Location: MS Teams, Microsoft Teams    Join live event

Please feel free to contact the NCIF office on 053 491 0093 or

We look forward to your attendance and continued support.

Mrs Tshegohatso Chifokoyo

 NCIF Coordinator

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Global Young Innovators Program

Programme dates & events in 2020-2021:

9 December 2020         Registrations open

8 January 2021             Programme Applications close 

15 January 2021           Successful applicants appointed and announced

24 January 2021           Programme and 5 day boot camp starts

To learn more about the full programme go to: SAYoungInnovators

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Virtual Workshop on Intellectual Property​

On the other hand, organizations have the need for integrating in IT departments new technologies often using cloud services and other ways of direct access to the web. This pressure for IT departments to give…

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